This is a skirt I made from leftover fabric. It was originally used to make the curtains for my brothers bedroom and there was little fabric left and was enough to make a skirt. It is a bit of an unusual pattern for a girl but I think it is quite individual and quirky. It has to be paired with plain items of clothing as it is a “main focus” item. As you can see I wore it with black tights, navy heels with a white trim and a white shirt. It could be worn with other items, maybe a camp/vest top with a cardigan in perhaps red or yellow (match to a colour in the skirt). It doesn’t have to be worn with tights and can easily be worn all year round, which of course saves you buying another skirt! This cost me virtually nothing to make as I had a spare zip lying around and used a button from my button pot, I already had thread and I got the leftover fabric for free! If you don’t have any fabric lying around try charity shops or off-cuts baskets at haberdashery stores. I sometimes buy fabric off a local market stall for as little as £3 per metre! Happy fabric hunting!


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