So it’s been a while since I posted so I’m hoping to do weekly big posts and maybe mini updates sometimes? Not sure yet! But.. here goes! So today I thought I’d say that accessories are a great way to change an outfit. It sounds obvious, but there you go! So I’m focusing on necklaces right now and this is a collection of all my necklaces! So you can go from just a simple small pendant on a thin chain, maybe just a chain, all the way through to large bead necklaces. Jewellery can be SO expensive but you can go to charity shops to get some nice stuff for very little! I get a lot of jewellery for birthdays and christmas as stocking fillers and small presents. I also inherited a lot from my grandma and great grandma. A necklace can add a whole new aspect to an outfit and change it completely. It could make it more sophisticated, more elegant, or bring some interest or excitement to a more plain outfit.


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