Where Them Girls At?

Another of my outfits! I wore this out to lunch with Mum a while ago an yesterday to go shopping with my boyfriend but I wore different shoes yesterday. So I’m wearing plain black leggings from New Look (I was very excited they had extra long ones!) And a long plain white vest top under my floral tunic top. This top was actually my Mums but she decided she didn’t like it on her anymore and therefore wouldn’t wear it. I inherit lots of clothes this way, including the denim jacket which was also hers! I rolled up the sleeves as they are a little too long for me and I think the two-tone adds more depth to the look. The top is from M&S and the jacket from Next. This could also be worn with a plain coloured cardigan such as pink, purple or lime green. These shoes I have almost worn to pieces. I bought them in Primark and they go with just about everything and are so comfortable I regret not buying another pair for backup! To finish the look off I put on some pretty, brightly coloured beaded bracelets and there it is!


To hype this look on LookBook please click here: lookbook.nu/look/4426615-Where-Them-Girls-At


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